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residential premises

When we are furnishing residential premises we take full responsibility to create a home. The interior design is not only esthetical, but it plays a key role in it’s functionality. Even the biggest house may have a lack of space, while a small apartment can be a pleasant place with enough space for living.

Very often, only after the living space starts to be used for living, it can be discovered that the chosen interior corresponds only to esthetical criteria, but not to those for functionality. The hardest decision is to comply the planned interior with the needs and way of living.

Our expert team and our experience will help you to adjust your interior in an aesthetically and functionally way to your living habits. With our help, you will choose pieces of furniture, the right decor, the lighting, the wall color and all the other details in space depending on what you want to achieve.

When we finish the furnishing of your living space, the harmony of aesthetics and functionality will be achieved, your budget and deadlines will be respected, and you will feel like home.

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